Legacy in Architecture: Chapter four Education

Legacy in Architecture: Chapter four

In this, the final chapter on Legacy, I discuss the valuable contribution that landscape architects make to the design professions and, more importantly, the definition of our urban environments. The main, but not exclusive focus of landscape architects is the design of spaces between buildings, the most important aspect being the organization, manipulation and articulation of the ground plane.

by Arthur Barker

Legacy in Architecture: Chapter three Education

Legacy in Architecture: Chapter three

The first chapter on legacy in South African architecture described how architecture can define the urban environment so as to deal with the spatial consequences of Apartheid. Martin Kruger, a Cape Town based architect and urban designer, is unequivocally in his belief in the contextual derivations of any building. "I believe the site of any new building is significant. I am interested in urban beginnings, how the building I am designing can contribute to the making of city. Therefore, the site...

by Arthur Barker

Legacy in Architecture: Chapter two Education

Legacy in Architecture: Chapter two

The first chapter on Legacy in Architecture focused on a recently opened health-care project in the Western Cape. This chapter now turns to a research project focused on new ways of thinking about health care. Academia is often the testing ground for new thinking. The Masters in Architecture (Professional) course is the fifth and final year of architectural studies at and the University of Pretoria. It is a year of self exploration in which the students choose their own site and program but,...

by Arthur Barker

House for a Radiologist Residential

House for a Radiologist

The site was one of the last open stands in one of the oldest residential Golf Estates in Pretoria; Silver Lakes. Known for it’s abundance of Pretoria Tuscan it didn’t surprise me that no attempt to build on the site was made to date. With generous amounts of Indigenous, Aloes and two prominent Rocky Outcrops, one in the east and the other fairly close to the street on the western side of the Property, it posed some serious challenges in terms of siting the building without destroying the...

by Earthworld Architects and Interiors

Cast your vote for the Peoples Choice Award Competitions

Cast your vote for the Peoples Choice Award

The Saint-Gobain Architecture for Social Gain Awards were launched on the 1 April to recognize and reward talent in the design of spaces that promote learning and development.

by Evan Lockhart-Barker

27 Boxes Retail

27 Boxes

Making a bold statement, yet blending into the surrounding suburb of Melville, 27Boxes is a realisation of edgy design and practical implementation. A radical departure from the shopping malls of our generation, yet not a return to the high streets of our youth. 27Boxes showcases the best of a shopping centre set in a garden, surrounded by the boheminian suburb that is Melville.

by Kerry Henning

The Five Themes of Local Architecture with Arthur Barker Education

The Five Themes of Local Architecture with Arthur Barker

Architect and academic Arthur Barker of the University of Pretoria believes there is a way of thinking about architecture in this country, that says something particular about South African architecture. To explore this notion, he identified five themes which strongly inform local architecture, namely identity, legacy, memory, security and ethics.

by Arthur Barker

Proposed Learners' Support Centre for Gordon Road Girls' School Competitions

Proposed Learners' Support Centre for Gordon Road Girls' School

Proposed new remedial teaching facility for Gordon Road Girls' primary school, motivated by the principal's passion for education, and funded by a private donor. The construction of the project has commenced and is due for completion at the end of 2015.

by Social Gain

Kimberley Football For Hope Lovelife Y-Centre Competitions

Kimberley Football For Hope Lovelife Y-Centre

By using the power of Football the centre pledges to promote social development of the surrounding community through educational and community relevant public health programmes.

by Social Gain

Klapmuts School Competitions

Klapmuts School

More than designing a school for some 1 280 learners we wanted the facility to be a place of community learning, a place where everybody in the community is welcome to learn and to make use of the library and computer resources.

by Social Gain

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