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Arthur Barker, our editor, will be looking for work from different regions, with interesting use of materials across different genres, designed with varying budgets that ultimately create efficient and comfortable environments

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What do I need in order to submit a project?

Project Description

The points below are used as a guide in your project copy submission. Answer no less than 5 out of the 10 questions

Where is the project located?
What is the main function of the occupant? Residential / Office: what activity / School / Factory etc
How many people occupy the building?
What are the sustainable qualities of the building?
What design features of the building particularly appeal to you as the designer?Any quotes from the occupants?
With whom would you like to take a tour of the building?
Any building material that offered you an opportunity on this building?
Your favourite images of the project?
Any enduring memories of the construction period?

Project Imagery

Image upload - Please ensure that the resolution (image dimensions) are no smaller than 1920px x 1200px. 


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