Trophy design that keeps true to the spirit of Social Gain innovation


It was important for the It’s a Go design team and industrial design company Oaktree Studios that the trophy for this awards program matched the innovative use of materials and creativity it seeks to award. It needed to convey the 3 facets of the Social Gain brand, People, Buildings and Planet and become an icon of excellence for architects entering the awards.

Trophy Lrg

The hefty result has 3 intersecting machine tooled aluminium struts that reflect the design of the brand logo. These fit tightly into a turned aluminium base which has a sheet of brightly coloured acrylic on its surface reflecting the shadows of the struts above.

A chemical spray colouring process called Fantachrome Colour Coating allowed the team to create a metalicised black finish to the aluminum. Amazingly the same treatment was able to deliver the bright graphic colours that have been used to identify each of the 3 different categories. This was achieved by spraying one side of the acrylic with the chrome spray paint and allowing the colour to shine through the material. It’s almost a modern version of stained glass.  The result is a stunning graphic, contemporary trophy that any architect would be pleased to claim as the symbol of their achievement.

We look forward to handing them out at the awards ceremony on the 6th of August in Johannesburg.