Mahwelereng Sports Node & Library


The project forms part of an existing sports node which is characterized by a sports stadium, a public recreational park and a dam in the middle. The building is placed within a public space, on the far end of the existing stadium, which would otherwise remain dormant without something roughly in the middle. The building is a strategic node within the space intended to cultivate action around the perimeter of the sports node. It is intended to hearten a sense of safety for pedestrians through constant visual surveillance. Furthermore, the positioning and configuration of the building is intended to generate a public outdoor room, a room where boys could prefer a special corner to hang around, where old people can enjoy a special spot while resting. This is the main building and houses the most essential function. It is designed as a thoroughfare, with no sense of back or front. The entrance transition is meant to invite free loitering, it is this quality that will allow people to get more acquainted with what goes on in the building and may begin to use it. Across the site, five red anchors form a means of connectivity between the building on one side, the dam in the middle and the stadium on the far side. While these anchors connect the public space, they also serve the need to communicate with the community. This is an environmentally conscious building. It has a footprint with less impact on the ground, that is, elongated wings that cross at the entrance. This allows the building to have a mixture of outdoor pockets of spaces which will allow occupants to remain endlessly in contact with the landscape. All major indoor spaces face to the north, this allows natural lighting and sunlight. Sunlight is one of the few things which have a greater effect on the feeling inside a space, and with the design configuration, this has been achieved. 



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