Media Room for House Boz


by BNC Technology

Client brief, objectives and how we met them

The brief on this project was given by the interior design team on behalf of the client, his wife and three children who wanted a media room. The idea was to integrate this into the existing design/concept that had been presented to the client with the best possible performance and excellent value for money. The room had to be flexible during the day and night and needed to be simple to operate with multiple source options and gaming for the children. A key requirement was not to infringe on the colour changing wall feature.

We managed to give the client a discrete solution, good performance but still adhere to the aesthetics and the mood of the original presentation/concept. Very little was changed in the design to accommodate the technology and we still gave the client a high performance system for the entire family.

The solution we provided

A collaboration between BNC Technology, Nico van der Meulen Architects and M Square Lifestyle Necessities providing the ultimate in performance, quality and design. The projector was motorized from the ceiling to achieve a seamless look when the system is switched off. We needed to get a high gain screen that would satisfy the standards of the interior team so we chose a Black Diamond Zero edge screen with a 2.5 gain. Our speaker choice was Jamo which we matched with big power amplifiers from Parasound and a receiver from Integra. All the rack equipment was installed next door in the linen cupboard and control was done by remote control or Wi-Fi. We gave the speakers a lot of power to ensure effortless play and a dynamic performance from the system but at the same time ensuring it wasn’t too obtrusive. An on-wall subwoofer from Sunfire was mounted in the cabinet to give maximum performance within the limited space given. The rear speakers were mounted behind an acoustic transparent material so that they would be screened from view not detracts from the light feature at the rear of the room. The front speakers were cut out of the cabinetry as per the interior designer’s request.

Due to the design being prior approved we could only treat certain surfaces acoustically. Thus the rear wall was treated and a rug was placed on the floor to add atmosphere and softness to the room.

What makes this project worthy of recognition?

A powerful solution, well installed with minimal impact on the interior design was achieved. The uniqueness of the colour changing system is such a great feature. 

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