2014 Thought Leadership Summit


The healthcare solutions industry is in a global state of flux.   New challenges and opportunities face both emerging and established markets, as governments; institutions and consumers demand higher quality, contemporary solutions that are affordable, effective and future proof. 

70% of hospital admissions are due to respiratory disease and 50% respiratory related deaths are a direct cause of poor household indoor air quality.  This is often the result of the burning of fossil fuels indoors – for heating, cooking and washing. 

As part of a pro-active approach to Healthcare, Saint-Gobain has invited a collection of industry leaders to share insights from around the globe and discuss the growing need for better Healthcare Environments. 

The summit will focus on Healthcare and the following international guests will be presenting:

  • Dr Vivek Desai from India is the Managing Director of Hosmac.Hosmac has become synonymous with managing, designing, constructing and providing   communication services for World-Class Healthcare facilities.
  • Richard Mazuch from the UK is an Architect and Director of Design Research and Innovation for IBI/Nightingale; he has extensive Healthcare experience and is a World Architecture Jury member, University Lecturer/Examiner and International Conference Speaker.

For more information go to http://www.2014healthcaresummit.co.za/