Nettleton 198 - Clifton

The clients asked us to design a simple but stylish garden in which they could relax and entertain their friends.  It had to be accessible to the indoor entertainment and dining spaces to facilitate an easy flow outdoors on warm summer nights. The water feature adds to the feeling of tranquillity in the uncluttered garden that combines both hard and soft landscaping.

The pool was designed as a reflecting pool which is the main reason we lined it with a dark granite tile. We also wanted it to feel like an extension of the sea so we positioned it as closely to the living space as possible.

How many square metres is the pool?


How does the pool connect with the house?

The pool is very close to the living space as we wanted the water to be part of the living experience. There is a garden to the west of this room which gives people access to the outside. 

Which materials did you used to build the pool?  

The pool is lined with a flamed and brushed Black Rustenburg Granite tiles.  Reinforced concrete structure, selected polyurea waterproofing to specialists detail, pool tiles: 300x300mm Granite tiles- Black Rustenburg for all vertical and horizontal surfaces including the rim flow. Marble tiles, Azul, 610x610 were used to the external edge surfaces.

“Inspiration was drawn from the mountain and dark colours were used on the facade, allowing the building to visually recede into the mountain instead of being an obtrusive construction,” says Greg Truen, Project Partner. The site enjoys spectacular views, both of the sea and Lions Head and these views and the impact of the sun were key informants contributing to the overall design.

The sun being both a defining and also harsh influence on the property inspired the choice of screens, shutters and louvres that give the lower levels its distinctive gravitas. The living room can open up onto the west and the east completely, giving it the feeling of an open pavilion.

The finishes and detailing have been very carefully considered to achieve an integrated and visually effortless whole. The exterior of the building is clad in powder-coated aluminium which resulted in a very robust and precise surface finish. Internally, a much warmer look was achieved by using walnut timber. Black marble & glass were integrated into the design as accents.

The home is peppered with unusual design ‘delights’. The circular entrance area, clad in walnut timber, is one of the main features of the house. The space is amplified by a fascinating lighting installation of backlit slumped glass, that renders an “other-worldly” effect. An elegant floating timber staircase employs hanging stainless steel rods for a refreshing take on a balustrade. Others include the walnut-clad kitchen box, the granite-clad rim-flow pool and the sculptural cantilevered carbon fibre bar.

The clients wished to keep the interior as lean and focused as possible and the selection of furniture and lighting is both graphic and strong.