Architectural Showcase for Educational Developments

The Legson Kayira Community Center & Primary School Education

The Legson Kayira Community Center & Primary School

This project was a design & build project by Architecture for a Change. The building was pre-manufactured in Johannesburg at our workshop and then transported to Malawi. The containers used for transport was integrated into the design. The school is completely off the grid. Community involvement and training was one of the top priorities.

The Role of Professional Bodies and architecture in Civil Society Education

The Role of Professional Bodies and architecture in Civil Society

A concerned caller on 702 last week raised his concern at the speed with which schools were being constructed around Ward 106 (Bryanston East etc) et al. No one would deny the dire need for education facilities in South Africa, but these are to be ready for the new school year in January 2015. Two months! Fast track is good when you know how, but given our abysmal record of service delivery, we are simply putting out one fire only to have it reignite as a conflagration later.

by Hugh Fraser

Next Generation Visionaries Education

Next Generation Visionaries

There is no doubt in the mind of Annabell Lebethe, CEO of the Market Theatre Foundation, on the important role arts and culture play in the development and growth of inner city and urban fabric. “Artists bring soul to the city”

by Glenda Venn

2014 Thought Leadership Summit Education

2014 Thought Leadership Summit

The healthcare solutions industry is in a global state of flux. New challenges and opportunities face both emerging and established markets, as governments; institutions and consumers demand higher quality, contemporary solutions that are affordable, effective and future proof.

Public Art - Indulgence or Asset? Education

Public Art - Indulgence or Asset?

In South Africa many blue chip corporates sponsor art events and own valuable corporate art collections. Some of this art is publicly available in the form of hosted art galleries like the Standard Bank Art Gallery in Johannesburg yet a large portion of South Africa’s art, including art originally intended as public art, remains behind closed doors.

by Glenda Venn

Opinion: The Parlous State of Johannesburg's Building Control Department Education

Opinion: The Parlous State of Johannesburg's Building Control Department

A recent caller to 702’s morning show with John Robbie, ignited a storm that has been brewing for months in Johannesburg. The caller identified himself as Roger, an architect. He said that the plans he submitted for a house 5 weeks previously had not yet even been logged onto the Council system.

by Hugh Fraser

In Praise of Competition Education

In Praise of Competition

The latter part of the architectural year tends to reveal the winners of various architectural awards that have been held, either annually or biennially

by Hugh Fraser

UNISA Innovating an Institution Education

UNISA Innovating an Institution

Centrally located on major public transport routes (taxi and train), UNISA Parow is accessible to the wider student community. The building provides contact and examination facilities for these students. Located within a light industrial urban context, the previous UNISA facilities consisted of a combination of new educational and converted industrial buildings.