Tshilidzi Primary School Competitions

Tshilidzi Primary School

New school hall, classrooms & sportsfield for existing primary school....Let's play....using colourful containers & portal frame technology to create new vibrant space configurations for an existing primary school. The use of this 'fast' technology will assist to speed up the construction process using prefabricated systems with minimal on site work assembly...saving on the construction cost.

by Social Gain

Nursery in La Panoleta Competitions

Nursery in La Panoleta

The construction of a nursery in this area tries to solve an historical lack of such services. The location of the building in a development area, next to a marginal zone, becomes an important point of the project. After the school time in the afternoon part of the building is intended to be used for hosting social revitalization programs, educational workshops for adults, etc.

by Social Gain

SEED Library Competitions

SEED Library

The SEED is a working example of an exciting, stimulating place, that not only houses knowledge, but through the use of colour, shape, light and outdoor space, gives the user an inspiring experience when accessing it.

by Social Gain

Cannons Creek Independant School Competitions

Cannons Creek Independant School

The NEW THEATRE at Cannons Creek School is a flexible performance and gathering space that aims to enhance pupil’s learning experience through performance art, theatre and musical productions.

by Social Gain

Batlagae Primary School Competitions

Batlagae Primary School

Batlagae Primary school is situated approx. 20km from Middelburg, Mpumalanga in the rural town of Doornkop. Vuna mining group approached Archaus to assist with the design of 10 new class rooms, a reception area and office at Batlagae as part of their social responsibility budget for the year.

by Social Gain

Mahwelereng Sports Node & Library Competitions

Mahwelereng Sports Node & Library

The project forms part of an existing sports node which is characterized by a sports stadium, a public recreational park and a dam in the middle. The building is placed within a public space, on the far end of the existing stadium, which would otherwise remain dormant without something roughly in the middle. The building is a strategic node within the space intended to cultivate action around the perimeter of the sports node.

by Social Gain

Penguins Preschool Competitions

Penguins Preschool

This social uplift-meant project simultaneously tackles the need for education, environmental awareness and social integration within a fragmented society.

by Social Gain

Zipzap Circus School Competitions

Zipzap Circus School

Zipzap Circus School offers a unique learning experience unlike conventional schools. The proposed school in Salt River is a new building typography combining a circus, a theatre and a school.

by Social Gain

GPI 2 Incubator Competitions

GPI 2 Incubator

Colab Concepts presents an Interior Architectural space for GPI2 incubator. The result is a unique, dynamic and inspiring space which provides for the development and education of South African entrepreneurs.

by Social Gain

New Durban Central Library Exhibition & Research Hub Competitions

New Durban Central Library Exhibition & Research Hub

The 15000sq.m New Durban Central City (NDCC) Library constitutes an investment of approximately R500m by both local and provincial government with planned completion in 2018. A project of this magnitude has clear catalytic spin-offs for the City physically and as a Centre for knowledge sharing, culture and learning.

by Social Gain