Proposed Learners' Support Centre for Gordon Road Girls' School Competitions

Proposed Learners' Support Centre for Gordon Road Girls' School

Proposed new remedial teaching facility for Gordon Road Girls' primary school, motivated by the principal's passion for education, and funded by a private donor. The construction of the project has commenced and is due for completion at the end of 2015.

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Kimberley Football For Hope Lovelife Y-Centre Competitions

Kimberley Football For Hope Lovelife Y-Centre

By using the power of Football the centre pledges to promote social development of the surrounding community through educational and community relevant public health programmes.

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Klapmuts School Competitions

Klapmuts School

More than designing a school for some 1 280 learners we wanted the facility to be a place of community learning, a place where everybody in the community is welcome to learn and to make use of the library and computer resources.

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Motshegofadiwa Primary, Hammanskraal Competitions

Motshegofadiwa Primary, Hammanskraal

Our school adoption strategy: 1. Engage the community 2. Design a vision framework and maintenance plan 3. Execute phased implementation of the kits of parts - structure, shelter and enclosure

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Delft Exchange Towers Competitions

Delft Exchange Towers

With a considerable lack of public space in South Africa’s low-income living environments, Delft Exchange Towers use private investment architecture as a means to provide shared public space.

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School Out of the Box Competitions

School Out of the Box

School out of the box is a conceptual proposal for provisioning critical support infrastructure for under-resourced schools in rural South Africa.

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Vele Secondary School Competitions

Vele Secondary School

A new secondary school built with local skills and materials and using innovative technologies is a vibrant hub at the centre of a remote rural community

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Parasite unit Competitions

Parasite unit

The parasite unit is a small multi-functional structure that can be placed anywhere and used for almost anything.

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